Monthly Archives: January 2014

Mobile Bluetooth Sensors

Now that the smartphone revolution is in full swing, many companies are looking to extend their built-in functionality with external bluetooth scanners. Here are some of the new gadgets:

Node is the most versatile of the bunch, as its sensor modules are interchangeable. Compatible with iOS and Android, it can measure humidity, pressure, light, infrared temperature, submersion temperature, color, and a variety of noxious gasses like CO2, CO, and NO2.

Scanadu has created a personal medical monitor that, with a noninvasive scan, measures several vital signs like pulse, blood pressure, and blood oxygenation. Somewhat related to the Tricorder XPRIZE competition, they’re paving the way toward a real medical tricorder.

This food scanner has raised $380,000 on IndieGoGo from people who want to know their food better. Purporting to return the chemical makeup of scanned food, this could be a literal lifesaver for people with severe allergies, and a convenient tool for those of us on restricted diets.