The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin


A Token from Your District; A Symbol of the Rebellion

  • Officially-licensed Hunger Games merchandise!
  • Prop-replica brooch with easy-functioning pin back.
  • Deemed unusable as a weapon.

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Product Description

It’s really complicated to turn a book that’s told entirely inside the protagonist’s head to a movie that’ll hold the attention of teenagers. And we have great admiration for the choices that The Hunger Games team made when adapting it for the big screen. For instance, cutting the sponsor gift of the sleep syrup. You can’t show someone recognizing a smell on screen, or, at least, not in a way that would be much fun for the audience. But we miss Madge and her pin. Even in the books, we always wanted to hear more about her and and her dad, Mayor Undersee, with the special television set. We like to think they were the good guys.

Product Details

  • Metal with pinch-style butterfly clutch pin back (like a tie tack or Disney trading pin)
  • Brushed brass color
  • Nearly 1.5″ in diameter
  • Ages 14 and up


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